Why You Should Get Performance Bonds From The Company Bonds Express

Performance Bond Contract

If you need to get a contract bonds, otherwise called a performance bond, from a company in order to bid on a job with local companies in your area, you need to choose the right business to work with. These are companies that will issue a bond for a percentage of the value of the bond. This essentially ensures the fact that you will actually complete the job that you have been upon and actually one. A company called Bonds Express is one that you should consider working with because they are able to provide a multitude of different bonds nationwide. The following information will give you an overview of this company and why you ought to get performance bonds from this company called Bonds Express.

What You Should Know About This Business

This is a company that is known for providing bonds for businesses all over the country. You can get them in any state, and they offer both surety bonds and performance bonds. Surety bonds can be anything from employment agency bonds to lost title bonds that can be issued almost immediately. If you want to get a performance bond, you can get these bid bonds once you have successfully been granted permission to do the job that you have bid on and successfully won the right to complete.

What Type Of Credit Do You Need To Have?

There are a couple different things to consider when you are going through this company. First of all, they will work with people that do not have the best credit. They have what is called preferred credit approval which means that you have a credit score of over 700. If this is the case, you should have no problem at all being insured with a bond for up to $350,000. If you have a credit score that is above 650, they will go up to $300,000 per job. They do not require financial statements. You can actually get notice of your approval within 24 hours. They make it very easy for you to submit this information and get word back in a minimal amount of time.

How Do You Apply For These Bonds?

You can contact these companies by talking with them on the phone. They will be able to run the credit check and process your application once you have filled it out online. If you have any questions at all, you can also contact them by email. They do thousands of bonds every year and will know exactly how to answer your questions. Once you have received their approval, you will be issued the bond which will cover you for the job that you now have to complete. They make it as easy as possible, and because they work with people that may not have perfect credit, they are often one of the first companies that people choose to contact.

If performance bonds are things that you need regularly because you are able to acquire jobs that you can do in your area, Bonds Expresses the company to work with. They are well known in the industry, and once you have worked with them once, it will be easier to get your bonds from them, whatever they happen to be. Call them up today to get started toward getting the performance bonds that you will need in order to do your industrial or commercial work.