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I was having some issues during my divorce and needed to find a lawyer to help me. My husband and I were unable to agree upon anything including how we would split our time up with our kids. I wanted this to be an easy divorce, however, he would not allow that to happen. Everything I suggested to him and anything I wanted to do, he wouldn’t even listen or try to compromise. I knew the only option I was going to have would be to hire a family lawyer.

I was telling a friend of mine about the problems I was having with my divorce. I told her exactly how my husband was acting and how he wouldn’t agree with me about anything. She told me I should start looking for divorce lawyers in Montreal. I asked her if she had heard names of any that were good but she didn’t. She said that I could ask on Facebook to see what I could find out there. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable doing that because I didn’t want everyone to know my business on there. There were many people that didn’t even know I was getting divorced and I didn’t want to announce it. She said that she would ask on her Facebook and let me know what she hears or that I could look at the comments to find out more information. I told her that would be perfect. She posted on Facebook while she was there and left shortly after that. I checked a few hours later to see what recommendations she got on there and I noticed there were a couple people that said OLS Quebec has some of the best lawyers around. I immediately looked their number up and gave them a call to see what I could find out.

After talking to the attorney, I made an appointment with them to see how they could help me. They advised me they would be able to take care of this for me. They have been really great to work with and have been able to speak to my husband. However, a few days ago my lawyer called me to tell me that my husband hired a lawyer so this could make the process last a little longer. I am just happy that they have been able to help thus far.

I told my friend that I hired OLS Quebec lawyers in Montreal and told her that her post on Facebook really helped me out. She said she was glad to hear everything was working out and being handled by this law firm. She told me that she heard great things about them and forgot until she heard the name again. I hope everything can be reasonably settled and we can make arrangements with each other through our lawyers. It is sad that it got to that point and he couldn’t be an adult about it any longer.

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