Why Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Specialists Are Important

Vehicle accidents that result in personal injuries or fatalities usually require careful and comprehensive investigation to establish their root cause. Since these accidents mostly involve more than one party it is essential that all material facts are investigated and the truth uncovered, for justice to be served.

It is normal for all involved to claim that they were not at fault; this combined with the short term memory loss commonly experienced by accident victims make finding out the truth somewhat challenging. This is where accident reconstruction specialists come in.

What Do Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Specialists Do?

Vehicle accident reconstruction specialists usually use a combination of scientific methods, investigative skills and high tech equipment to establish what happened during an accident. These specialists uncover the truth behind motor vehicle accidents by assessing the road where the accident occurred, the vehicles involved as well as interviewing witnesses and the drivers involved.

The reconstruction specialist may start by assessing the part of the road where the accident took place; taking photographs of the skid marks as well as the surrounding environment including traffic signs and vegetation among others. They also take the time to make a detailed assessment of the vehicle(s) involved; looking for any structural issues as well as getting vital data from the vehicle’s computer.

They also use high tech computer software and tools to come up with a detailed reconstruction of the accident in 3D. The final findings detail various details of the accident including the person who was driving as well as the main cause of the accident among others.

How They Help In Cases

Information uncovered by vehicle accident reconstruction specialists can be used in different ways. It is normal for highway authorities to use such findings to improve road design in a bid to make them safer for both pedestrians and drivers. Vehicle manufacturers can use the findings to further improve the safety features on their models.

For those involved in a personal injury law suit as a result of a vehicle accident, these specialists provide a detailed report of what happened during the accident, identifying the party at fault, as well as any other contributing causes. Their report can be used as evidence in court by the affected party’s legal team. The personal injury lawyers can use it as an expert representation of what transpired during the accident when representing their client.

Alternatively, the accident reconstruction specialist can be asked to take the stand during court proceedings as an expert witness. In this case, the specialist would bring their report with them as well as any other material they wish to use in convincing the court that what they say is actually what transpired as proven by their material evidence.

Motor vehicle accidents usually happen so fast, and involve so many different factors. This means that it is quite difficult for those involved to have an exact recollection of everything that occurred at that very moment. Bringing in a vehicle accident reconstruction expert ensures that all these different factors will be investigated in a bid to find out exactly what happened during an accident.